If you know what you would like, simply:
a)  Phone your order through
b) Send us an email, or
c) Fill in the form provided and email it back, we no longer have a fax due to NBN connection.
We will then contact you to confirm your order.
We place your order the day you order your tank.
We then send you an invoice with relevant info.
Bushmans Logistics will phone you prior to delivery to let you know when delivery will be.
The Bushmans truck driver will phone you the morning of delivery to let you know approx. when he will be there with your tank.
If you have your pad/place ready, our friendly truck drivers will help place your tank and install your overflow & outlet onsite.
Payment on invoice is expected unless you have made prior arrangements with us.
We accept cheque or direct deposit/internet transfer of which details are available on our invoice.  Visa/Mastercard payment can now be arranged upon request.

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