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"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."
- Benjamin Franklin 
Bushmans water tanks
BUSHMANS has been manufacturing tanks for over 26 years and when it comes to water storage, Bushmans delivers in the toughest conditions.  You can rely on Bushmans to save Australia's water.  Bushmans original range of tanks gives you access to the most cost-efficient water storage products.  Bushmans uses the latest technology, to ensure you receive a quality product and peace of mind. Made in one piece from UV stabilised polyethylene which complies with Australian standards for drinking water as well as food contact, Bushmans tanks give you reliable long term performance.  
Even when connected to a water supply everyone wants to do their bit to save water - and nobody saves it like Bushmans.  Their domestic water tanks are available in sizes from 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres and are easily installed on residential properties.  Not only will these tanks give you rainwater on tap and save you money on your water bills, they will compliment the appearance of and add value to your home.
Slimline Tanks
These tanks are perfect for suburban homes that have limited and very limited space.  The short length of these tanks is ideal to fit between windows.  One or two of these tanks can let you water the plants and/or wash the car.
Small Round Tanks
The small round tank is suited for small spaces around suburban homes.  These tanks provide good storage capacity, with minimum diameter space requirements.  Ranging from 1,500 ltr to 5,000 ltr capacities these tanks are typically installed on residential town blocks as well as other rural an commercial areas.
When you rely on water for your business, indeed for survival, you have to have it when you need it.  You can choose a Bushmans tank up to 46,400 litres to provide water storage solutions for all your needs.  We can't make it rain but we can store it when it does and nobody saves water like a Buhsmans tank, which is backed by a 10 year guarantee.
Large Round Tanks
The round tank range provides larger storage capacity and can be used for rain water storage, through to stock water schemes on the farm and for commercial applications, such as storing storm water run off.  These tanks are ideal for larger suburban blocks or hobby farms where they can be used for household water, watering the lawn and garden  through to topping up the pool.  The large round tank range come in a choice of sizes, from squat to tall, and can make your home independent of mains water.  Ranging in capacities from 10,000 ltrs through to 46,400 ltrs these tanks are robust and will stand the test of time.
Bushmans manufacture Fertiliser and Molasses tanks for agricultural applications up to 38,000 litres capacity.  They also custom-make Chemical and Industrial storage tanks, up to 46,400 litres capacity, with fittings which will align with specific customer requirements.
The polyethylene that Bushmans use in their tanks is an advanced generation linear material that has been tried and tested in the Australian market.  Bushmans only uses the best material for the whole of the tank - providing highest strength and superior chemical resistance.
Bushmans chemical and industrial tanks are suitable for a wide range of chemicals, such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid and many more. 
Bushmans also have a full range of fittings and attachments that can be plastic welded onto the tank to suit your specific needs.  Bushmans have a fine record with problem solving.  They may just have the answer you are looking for.
The advanced raw material combined with Bushmans proven one piece tank design results in:
  • the best chemical barrier
  • best chemical resistance
  • best impact resistance
  • best tank life
Bushmans water tanks 
P & L Halloran is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  All tanks are transported direct from factory to you.
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