Industrial requirements are many with a wide range of applications from water treatment and recycling to chemical storage, through to bunding of various storage areas. The types of applications include:
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Chemical manufacturing and storage
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • Food manufacturing
  • Retail and distribution operations such as pool shops or warehouses that store liquid chemicals
  • Recycling facilities
BUSHMANS original range of tanks gives you access to the most cost-efficient liquid storage products available. Made in one piece, BUSHMANS industrial tanks are made from an advanced generation linear polyethylene material that is one of the most inert plastics available. As you would expect, our polyethylene raw material also meets the requirements of the chemical tank standard - AS/NZS4766.
Only the best material is used, providing maximum strength and chemical resistance. Sizes range from 1,500 litres to 46,400 litres for industrial applications.

BUSHMANS chemical and industrial storage tanks can be custom-made and manufactured with fittings which align with specific customer requirements. With tank capacities from 1,500 litres through to 46,400 litres, and the option of a blank tank or a fully fitted tank, BUSHMANS has the chemical or industrial tank for all your storage needs.
All tanks, including chemical and industrial storage tanks, are designed and manufactured to ensure they stand up to demands placed on them by Industry and the Australian climate.
The polyethylene that BUSHMANS uses in their chemical and industrial tanks is an advanced generation linear material that has been tried and tested in the Australian market. BUSHMANS only uses the best material for the whole of the tank - providing highest strength and superior chemical resistance. 
Our chemical and industrial tanks are suitable for industrial water storage, water treatment, cold water storage, industrial waste and a wide range of chemicals, such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, and many more. For copy of Bushmans Chemical Resistance Chart visit their websitewww.bushmans.com.au.
The advanced raw material combined with BUSHMANS proven tank design results in :
  • the best chemical barrier
  • best chemical resistance
  • best impact resistance
  • best tank life
Bushmans fleet of trucks deliver product from factories in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
Bushmans have a full range of fittings and attachments for your needs.

Pricing on Industrial tanks available on enquiry.

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